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Lots of good content this week but a couple of posts on documenting microservice based systems in particular stood out for me. I’d love to see more examples of how people document systems for operators.


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Lessons learned while writing The DevOps Handbook

In a recent webinar, Gene Kim, co-author of The Phoenix Project, shared the top insights he discovered while co-authoring The DevOps Handbook. Read about the DevOps best practices he shared. As a bonus, you’ll also get lessons learned from Dynatrace’s own DevOps transformation – 26 major releases per year and 170 production deployments.


A nice look under-the-hood of how one organisation implemented a tracing system for a microservices architecture. The discussion of the data schema is particularly interesting.

An excellent post on how you can go about documenting a microservices architecture. Discussion of concepts as well as various documentation tools and approaches.

Another approach to documenting service based systems. This one using wireshark to capture traffic, and then generating traffic flow diagrams based on that capture. The post contains a video demo, sample code and some example images.

An interesting look at how one organisation is using Prometheus for monitoring, metrics and alerting for a huge globally distributed network.

Having curated this newsletter for 6 years or so, I’m interested in how we collectively talk about the craft of operations. Observability is definitely a word seeing more usage recently, this post tries to explain what and why.

Security has become a topic of increasing interest in the devops community over the past several years. The state of open source security survey should therefore be worth filling in and waiting on the results.

A good description and explanation of the importance of Flow to modern IT management.

Extensive notes from all the talks at the recent Devops Days London event, with lots of references to other related content too.

CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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Chart Museum is an open source Helm Chart repository, for anyone using the helm package manager with Kubernetes. It supports S3, Google Cloud Storage backends and local storage, and the README contains details for how to get up and running.

Ducktape is a framework for writing high-level system integration tests for distributed systems, originally written to test Kafka.

Jaeger is an open source system for monitoring distributed systems, using the OpenTracing API.

Like DevOps? Register for All Day DevOps - a FREE online conference this October, offering 100 DevOps-focused sessions across six different tracks. Learn more & register: