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Devops Weekly is going to take a break.

For more than 13 years I’ve been sending this newsletter every Sunday. It’s given me a unique viewpoint as devops grew from a small community to an international movement and beyond. The first issue was sent a little after the Hamburg devopsdays event back in 2010. Hamburg was the 4th such event, since then more than 500 devopsdays events have happened around the world.

Coming to a milestone like 700 issues allows for a bit of taking stock. I’ve often been asked how I’ve kept doing the Devops weekly newsletter consistently, every week, for so long. Some of that is just stubbornness in fairness, but it takes time every week. I’ve decided for now to use that time for other things.

For now, I’m not sure whether the newsletter will be back in the future or not. But you never know.

Thanks to everyone who’s ever sent me a blog post or a new tool they’ve worked on. Thanks to the companies that have sponsored the newsletter, or chosen to list jobs. Thanks to the event organisers who have built the community. And finally, thanks to all the readers of the newsletter, especially those who’ve sent me messages over the years to say Thanks.

Thanks for being part of Devops Weekly.