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Documentation, application firewalls, container automation, platform as a service, securing email and more this week. Something of a smorgasbord. Just a note too that next week’s’ issue of Devops Weekly will likely be a bit later than usual as it will be coming direct from San Francisco.


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Lessons learned while writing The DevOps Handbook

In a recent webinar, Gene Kim, co-author of The Phoenix Project, shared the top insights he discovered while co-authoring The DevOps Handbook. Read about the DevOps best practices he shared. As a bonus, you’ll also get lessons learned from Dynatrace’s own DevOps transformation – 26 major releases per year and 170 production deployments.


A detailed practical look at email security, covering TLS, DMARC, SPF and DKIM covering why and how to implement these features.

A neat approach to using Nix to make sharing scripts easier, using nix-shell and specifying the dependencies in the shebang line.

A handy collection of the presentations from the recent Moby summit. Covers updates on everything from containerd, BuildKit, LinuxKit, Notary and more.

A series of posts looking at using a PaaS from the perspective of a single application written in Java. Explores the basic functionality, potential for lockin and the marketplace of services around Cloud Foundry.

Some good tips for automating container image building, and ensuring you create tags and metadata which will make using the images later easier.

An useful looking project to produce benchmarks for container orchestrators. The presentation has a few examples and a good explanation of the rationale.

An interesting history of query languages, looking at the rise of NoSQL and more recently how more databases are adopting SQL again.

A blog post looking at improving the security of a web site using a web application firewall and other techniques. A good starting place if you’re not familiar with the various components.

Useful post on an approach to improving documentation by focusing on user stories and modularity.

CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Free Webinar - Cloud Native Apps from Development to Production October 12, Online

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Kubesh is a handy tool for anyone managing several Kubernetes clusters. It allows for spawning new shells with different Kubernetes contexts.

Vespa is a new open source engine for executing and serving computations over large data sets in real time. It allows you to write and persist any amount of data, and execute high volumes of queries over the data which typically complete in tens of milliseconds.

Like DevOps? Register for All Day DevOps - a FREE online conference this October, offering 100 DevOps-focused sessions across six different tracks. Learn more & register: