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Platform engineering, establishing a center of production excellence, measuring the DORA metrics and tools for generating tests and writing bash. Oh, and a job opportunity that I’m hiring for in my team at the moment.

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[ICYMI] DAST is Dead! Long Live DAST! The Evolution of Dynamic API security Testing webinar is now available on YouTube. Watch on-demand here.


How do you build an organisation with a culture of operational excellence? This post discusses establishing a Center of Production Excellence, and talks about patterns for influencing the rest of the organisation.

An introduction to the DORA metrics for measuring SDLC performance, with a focus on the challenges of collecting the data.

Building an internal platform comes with a number of challenges, including internal competition, limited adoption, migration management and more. This slide deck introduces the concept of Platform decay to discuss all of these.

A useful primer on SLOs, SLIs and error budgets, with lots of examples and analogies to help with understanding the concepts.


I have an interesting job opportunity on my team at Snyk, for a Product Management Director focused on infrastructure and operations. Based in London, you’ll focus on the stability, security and internal developer experience of our platform that provides application security tooling to some of the world’s largest companies.


Amber is a new type-safe and runtime-safe programming language based on ECMA script syntax that is designed to compile to bash.

An open source implementation of TestGen-LLM that utilises generative AI to automate the generation of tests (currently mostly unit tests).