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DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #649 - 4th June 2023

1 minute read

Trunk based development, observability cost and cognitive load, advances in web assembly and some interesting policy and security tools posts this week. Enjo...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #648 - 28th May 2023

1 minute read

Fitting into the overall zeitgeist, several AI posts this week. From observations about the challenges with building LLM-backed features, to security conside...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #647 - 21st May 2023

2 minute read

A good mix of posts, events and tools this week, with datacenter posts and CLI tools for AI, shrinking SaaS budgets for devops tools and some excellent upcom...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #646 - 14th May 2023

1 minute read

With a few weeks since KubeCon, folks have had time to write up takeaways, so we have a quote a few KubeCon and Kubernetes posts this week. Plus posts on AI-...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #645 - 7th May 2023

1 minute read

A sad note to start with this week. Carolyn Van Slyck passed away last week. She was a huge part of the Kubernetes community, building interesting software a...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #644 - 30th April 2023

1 minute read

KubeCon EU a couple of weeks ago means there are several Kubermnetes relates posts this week, along with posts on developer platforms, devops attack surface,...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #643 - 23rd April 2023

1 minute read

A mix of content this week, from some good posts on managing monitoring infrastructure to tools for maintaining health test suites, provisioning Kubernetes c...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #642 - 16th April 2023

1 minute read

Several new build tools this week, along with posts on prompt injection attacks on LLMs, load balancing and a CFP for the upcoming devopsdays New York event.

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #640 - 2nd April 2023

1 minute read

Incident reports, cloud spending, buy vs build, reducing error rates, as well as new tools, events and more this week. Just the usual week for busy operation...