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This week we have posts on APIs, behind the scenes of a large production infrastructure, speeding up monorepo builds and tools for managing feature flags and a new programming language for large scale data processing.

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[ICYMI] DAST is Dead! Long Live DAST! The Evolution of Dynamic API security Testing webinar is now available on YouTube. Watch on-demand here.


An interesting look at a large production infrastructure, including anycast routing, Kubernetes and AWS Serverless features.

A presentation on building an SDK program, automatically generating API clients and documentation from OpenAPI specifications.

Large monorepos can often pose a challenge for traditional CI systems, leading to slow build times. This post looks at using Yarn to only run tests against components that have changed, speeding up feedback.

A run down of what makes a good REST API. Looking at OpenAPI and associated tooling, rate limiting tips, asynchronous APIs and more.

A tutorial combining Pulumi with Docker Build Cloud, including caching images to AWS ECR and building multi-platform images.


Bend is a massively parallel, high-level programming language. Think the expressiveness of Python, but with near-linear speedup on multi-core hardware like GPUs, but with zero explicit parallel annotations.

Unleash is a feature flagging framework and application with a wide range of clients for different programming languages and frontend frameworks.