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September and October always appear popular times for industry events, so expect lots of presentations and details from conferences over the next month or so. I’ll see a few readers all being well at PuppetConf in SF, DockerCon in Copenhagen and Velocity in London.


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6 Tips to Increase DevOps Collaboration and Improve Performance

When apps fail, whose fault is it? In today’s DevOps world, every stakeholder along the application delivery pipeline is accountable for performance. In this eBook, you’ll get important tips to increase collaboration and improve performance for each role on your DevOps team.


As development teams adopt devops practices and operations work the question arises of how to track that. This posts looks at a few approaches for teams using a Scrum board.

A great post about running a game day, focused on learning from simulated failures. Some good takeaways as well which are probably relevant to other teams too.

A fantastically detailed post on moving from Solaris to Linux. Covers common Solaris technology like Dtrace, Zones, SMF and ZFS.

A good post for anyone interested in how to extend LinuxKit images, this post shows an example of how to use ZFS.

A look at an involved debugging story involving application load balancers. Lots of graphs and logs and a good step-by-step story.

A quick overview of the Open Service Broker API project; why it exists, how it works and what to expect next.

Interesting post about a new Python library targeting infrastructure use cases. Some interesting observations for anyone executing commands on a large number of machines over SSH.

Nice deep-dive presentation on SwarmKit, getting into the theory underpinning it and various design decisions for why it works that way.

Testing distributed systems presents a number of challenges. This post explores how one such system is tested, looking at design as well as several layers of different types of tests with different tradeoffs.

Kubernetes is designed to make everything automatable, and this post is a good example. Automatically provisioning SSL certificates to services as needed, and monitoring certificates for expiry.

A discussion of the changing role of change management in an ITIL environment adopting devops.

CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Open Source Summit Europe

Open Source Summit Europe, taking place October 23-26 in Prague will offer 200+ sessions and tutorials on DevOps, Linux, cloud computing, containers and more. With in-depth tutorials on microservices, Docker, Kubernetes and OpenStack – this is an event you won’t want to miss. Use discount code DEVOPSWEEKLY to receive $110 off your all-access attendee pass.

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon - Join leading Kubernetes, Docker, and Cloud Native technologists, December 6-8, in Austin for a broad range of technical sessions on the cloud native ecosystem. We sold out in Berlin and are excited to see thousands of you from the community join us, this time in Austin!

While Cloud Native Applications open up many new possibilities they also bring new challenges. One of the most discussed challenges is security. Join us on September 21st for a free webinar featuring a panel of experts discussing Security for Cloud Native Applications.


Chef Community Summit - Connect with the Chef Community and learn about getting involved, contributing to, and learning from your peers. Topics include Chef, InSpec, Habitat, Open Source, DevOps, and more! Summits are being held in Seattle, New York, and London this October. Check the agenda and register:

Devopsdays Edinburgh is coming up on October 23rd and 24th with talks on microservices, kubernetes, the dangers of groupthink, machine learning as well as lots of time for open spaces. Registration is open now.


Probot looks like a nice addition for anyone using GitHub. On one level it’s an open source framework for building GitHub Apps. But it also has a library of existing apps for common operations (closing stale issues, welcoming new contributors) that can be installed with one click.

Lagoon is a deployment system for microservices based on Docker and Kubernetes. It deals with building images automatically and provisioning resources when things change.

Acknowledge and resolve IT & DevOps alerts directly from Slack with the new native integration with VictorOps. Learn all about it here: