DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #298 - 11th September 2016

2 minute read

I realised I’m only 2 weeks away from issue 300 of Devops Weekly which is frankly a bit crazy. Thanks to all the readers, writers, sponsors, event organisers and everyone else who’s been involved in the growing Devops community over that time.


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Verizon’s DevOps Transformation

Learn how Verizon streamlined operations, optimized business output and delivered more useful products to their consumers faster by using a DevOps approach. The results are amazing!


At Container Camp in London this week a group of container enthusiasts (including yours truly) announced Label Schema, a project to build community agreement around labels and container metadata. We’d love your feedback.

A good post with a great description of why moving on-call responsibility to application teams makes sense in the case of fast moving applications and some thoughtful comments on the emerging SRE role.

A solid argument that both the ITSM and Devops communities are not talking enough about customers. More discussion about post-devops service management please.

Although the focus is on clojure examples, this post does a good job of describing the multi-dimensional aspects of application configuration - looking at compile time vs runtime, configuration changes after boot and more.

A talk from Container Camp this week looking at the background for destructive testing ala Chaos Monkey and at some container-specific tools for applying the approach.

An interesting post on the concept of system blindness and it’s impact on the management of production systems.

One interesting aspect of serverless architectures is the sheer number of functions you may be managing. Which makes areas like centralised logging and management interesting, emerging, topics.

A presentation with lots of code samples for building a continuous delivery pipeline using Docker Swarm and Jenkins.

For lots of people adopting infrastructure as code they may be used to programming and scripting, but maybe not some practices like unit testing or software quality metrics. This post is a good starting place for anyone coming to Chef or Ruby based environments.


All Day DevOps is a online conference running for a crazy 15 hours and with a whopping 53 sessions. Taking place on the 15th of November this year, the CFP is open now for topics on modern infrastructure, continuous delivery and security.

DevOps Connect is happening again at RSAC 2017 on February 13th. The CFP is open now and the organisers are looking for content that crosses the devops and security divide.


I love Make and you should too. But writing maintainable Make files is often a challenge. Enter Checkmake, an opinionated linting tool for Make

My Looking Glass is an open source software utility which combines the functions of several different network probes (HTTP, ping, DNS, port scanning and more) in one network diagnostic tool.

Got ChatOps? Download the free eBook from O’Reilly Media and VictorOps: Want even more? Meet the author on Sept 8th in a live stream event: