DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #297 - 4th September 2016

2 minute read

Some good soft-skills posts this week, including a great exploration of software estimation and a really honest post about the barriers to entry caused by jargon. These types of posts tend to be harder to find, so drop me an email if you come across more culture oriented devops content.


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Verizon’s DevOps Transformation

Learn how Verizon streamlined operations, optimized business output and delivered more useful products to their consumers faster by using a DevOps approach. The results are amazing!


I had the good fortune of talking at Software Circus last week, with a by-example introduction to threat modeling. Hopefully some good tips for software developers, especially those adopting more cloud native architectures.

Estimation of software projects is one of those things which some people get really quite annoyed with, but personally I’ve always found useful if you understand what estimation is for. This article is an excellent discussion of how to estimate for software.

Some code or architectures become so obsessed with avoiding repetition that they become hard to change and tightly coupled. This post makes some interesting points about when you should repeat yourself.

An excellent case study around the use of AWS lambda, along with some interesting cost/capacity numbers and so good and bad points about going serverless.

The impact of jargon on communicating concepts, especially around technology, is huge. This post is a great reminder to anyone writing code, or documentation or describing a design that needless jargon introduces a barrier to entry.

A good discussion of the complexities of managing data in a microservices architecture, in particular looking at the tradeoffs involved.

A related post to the one above about the role of data in microservices. This post digs into the issues with distributed transactions.

Most people’s interaction with Docker is done via the command line, but everything is also supported by the remote API too. This post is a nice introduction to setting up a swarm cluster and launching services, all without touching the CLI.

A balanced pros and cons article regarding the new Microsoft Nano server, focusing on the long tail of IT.

A good discussion of scalability differences between pull and push monitoring methodologies, looking in particular at how prometheus works on aggregates rather than events.

One of the presentations from Software Circus, covering some aspects of container security. In particular looks at what containers are, some ideas about layer based security and multitenancy.

A presentation for security professionals introducing devops and picking on some of the technologies and practices that could benefit the security domain.


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Got ChatOps? Download the free eBook from O’Reilly Media and VictorOps: Want even more? Meet the author on Sept 8th in a live stream event: