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A packed issue this week with lots of tools, news and views, interesting content from our sponsors, jobs and events. Hopefully something for everyone.


Beefen up your DevOps chops. VictorOps tackles the most-used terms and concepts in DevOpsLand in 90 seconds or less.

Watch now: http://bit.ly/2cCqzrc


A Tale of Two Pipelines: To DevOps or Not to DevOps

Need to increase innovation and the speed of your software delivery pipeline? Watch this on-demand webinar to get insights on key pipeline factors that plague traditional delivery pipelines and how to overcome them with practices that establish a true DevOps culture for a faster and less troublesome continuous delivery pipeline.


An impassioned plea that microservices probably won’t fix your problems, and come with a multitude of downsides that you really should consider first.

Containers are still very new for the majority of folks, even for a newsletter like Devops Weekly. So questions from those learning are super useful for everyone. Here’s a great set thinking about adopting docker or rkt into a production environment.

A great review of the 2007 paper On designing and deploying internet-scale services from James Hamilton. You should read the paper too but the review does a good job of picking out important points for anyone architecting modern systems today.

A detailed and practical look at moving towards a service based architecture, and adopting Mesos and Marathon to deal with scaling out the services.

An interesting article about modern application layer security, looking at the impact of chatops, correlation of events, visualization and more.

Some interesting observations about the crossover of operations and security from the recent Devopsdays Chicago event. Gets to the fact the issues are often organisational and cultural as much as technical.

A good user report of using the Zipkin tracing application for monitoring requests through a microservices architecture. A few hints and tips for anyone else looking at tracing in general too.

Collected videos from the recent Facebook Scale event. Talks cover everything from monorepos to using GPUs for deep learning and open source in large organisations to improved file compression algorithms.

If you have applications creating local logs you probably want to ship them somewhere. This post covers strengths and weaknesses of several tools in the space including logstash, fluentd and syslog-ng.

An interesting post that rings true for learning any new tool or technology I think. In this case it’s the story of learning, and then using in a work context, machine learning approaches.


Hired gives top DevOps Engineers more power in their job search. In 1 week you’ll get 8+ offers from top tech companies around the US and UK. Want to learn more? Check out Hired today!

GoCardless is looking for DevOps Engineers to help scale our infrastructure. You will be part of a small team that sets the direction of the GoCardless core stack. We use Go, Chef, PostgreSQL, Docker, and Elasticsearch. We’re looking for people who are eager to improve and automate changes to our infrastructure and who enjoy finding elegant solutions for complex problems. If you want to learn more, we often post about our projects on https://gocardless.com/blog/tagged/engineering


Devopsdays Warsaw is happening on the 22nd and 23rd of November. The call for proposals is open until the 30th of September if you’ll like to submit a talk or an ignite, and registration is open now too.

The Lisa conference is coming up on December 4th to 9th in Boston, MA. Focused on systems engineering and operations, the programme looks great. Early bird registration is open until November 10th.


Envoy is a new proxy and network bus that runs on every host and abstracts the network by providing common features (load balancing, circuit breaking, service discovery, etc.) for your applications and services.

Minio is an object storage server which provides compatibility with Amazon S3. It provides a nice command line and web based interface and can serve an existing directory of files.

CoreDNS is a new DNS based service discovery tool, intended to be the next generation of the popular SkyDNS project. It’s built using Caddy and already comes with several optional middleware components.

Beefen up your DevOps chops. VictorOps tackles the most-used terms and concepts in DevOpsLand in 90 seconds or less.

Watch now: http://bit.ly/2cCqzrc