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The issue next week will likely be a little later that usual as I’m out in SF for Dockercon. If anyone is going to be around let me know, would be good to meet up with a few folks.


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A strong argument for more formal supply chain management practices in continuous delivery pipelines. Lots of data to back up the main points.

A detailed interview with the SVP of Technical Operations at Etsy, talking about technology choice, understanding operational cost and the problem with the microservices/monoliths discussion.

A talk about containers in a regulated environment. The first part is a great introduction to compliance regimes in general from a developer’s point of view. Also some good examples of using bats for integration testing which I’m a huge fan off.

A nice side-by-side comparison of how application deployment has changed in the last 10 years. Specifically looking at changes in operations teams, architecture and server persistence. I think the biggest missing point is release cadence.

A great talk focused on small-scale development environments and how to avoid problems when you hit production using configuration management and automated deployment tools.

A nice description of the problem Vault, and other secret servers, solve. Includes an example of Vault use for a Rails application, including a nice developer friendly interface in vault-rails.

An interesting article about adopting automation at Facebook. Lots of good stories, both about specific tasks that have been automated but also about changes to team organisation and open communication needed to make that automation work.

A look at how to use a puppet agent and master inside Docker containers, including standing up several containers using Docker Compose. Particularly useful for various testing workflows.

A nice presentation providing a simple introduction to the concept of immutable infrastructure.

An argument that, while the principles around the ITIL service management framework might still be relevant, many of the practices in place in organisations are out-of-date. A quick look at how SLAs, CMDB and change control might change with the influence of devops.


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Devops Days Amsterdam is coming up on the 24th of June and the full programme has now been announced. A full day of workshops on the first day, followed by two days of talks and open spaces.

The Jenkins User Conference is coming up, with 4 events over the next few months. This month US East (18th and 19th) and Europe (23rd and 24th) are happening, both of which have interesting looking programmes.


Summon is a command-line tool that reads a config file and injects secrets as environment variables into any process. It’s intended to use different providers for the actual secret storage, and currently supports Conjur, S3 and OSX Keychain.

Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) is a way of describing various security and compliance controls. The Foreman project has just added an interesting integration, meaning you can run automated vulnerability assessment and security compliance audits across Foreman managed hosts.

Devops Weekly is sponsored by Brightbox Cloud: the multi-zone cloud platform built for High Availability.

Try an SSD cloud server in 30 seconds with your £20 free credit…