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Lots of good content this week on ITSM, security, containers, SSDs and more. Interesting thinking back to the early issues of this newsletter more than 4 years ago - I’m not sure any of those topics featured prominently. A good indication of the still-growing interest in the devops movements.


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Two excellent posts for anyone interesting in enterprise IT or service management frameworks like ITIL. The second post is a fantastic critique of ITIL as it stands and a compelling call for change.

The discussion about the place of culture in devops is a recurring one. This excellent post drills down into what we generally mean by culture, and why it’s a critical component of the conversation. Point people here if they complain the use of the work culture is too vague.

A nice roundup of open source networking software, specifically providing details of quagga, exabgp and bird. Includes code examples and some interesting observations about the networking space.

The talk I gave at Infosecurity Europe this week, aiming partly at what the security community can learn from the successes of devops. Talk of sharing and reusing tools and various ways of introducing security testing into continuous delivery pipelines.

Probably the most practice container security talk I’ve seen. Some excellent technical advice, plus a call to ask the right questions based on an actual threat model for your usecase and to build empathy between developers, operations and security teams.

Another security link, this one an excellent talk from Devopsdays Austin about common security issues from an operations perspective.

Periodic reminder that physical things are still important and sometimes cool. A good post looking at the state of SSDs and a call to action to collect and share more data.

I’m finding more and more content on the evolution of service management and related topics, often referencing devops. Some good ideas here about the need for different speeds of operation, and some of the things that influence that.

A nice example of using docker to test software across multiple versions, in this case running unit tests for Puppet code.

A nice list of things to concentrate on when trying to optimise a continuous delivery pipeline - specifically talking about branching, binary management, builds, automated testing and approaches to development.

A future of the Linux operating system talk from LinuxCon with a strong Docker flavour. An interesting way of thinking about the changes coming with containers.


Opbeat and Cloud 66 are hosting an event in London next week, on June 11th from 6PM to 9PM. 3 interesting looking talks, covering Docker, continuous integration and “You shipped it, you fix it”.


I’m a big fan of sysdig as an all-in-one tracing tool. Csysdig is a new, interactive, command line user interface to sysdig. It supports querying live data as well as looking through previously captured traces.

A nifty tool for sending alerts (to HipChat, PagerDuty, email, Slack, Influxdb) based on changes in Consul health checks.

Devops Weekly is sponsored by Brightbox Cloud: the multi-zone cloud platform built for High Availability.

Try an SSD cloud server in 30 seconds with your £20 free credit…