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With monitorama on this last week I have lots of monitoring content this week, including some interesting presentations, a few tools and a reminder to fill out the 2015 monitoring survey.


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With all the monitoring content in this issue it’s the perfect time to remind readers to take the 2015 Monitoring Survey.

An excellent talk on the utility and importance of user research, in particular applied to making GitHub a better user experience.

A good article on the curl-pipe-sudo-bash installation pattern, why it exists and what problems lead to it being used.

A good reminder that monitoring is never done. I particularly liked the observation that everyone wants monitoring so they can say “it’s monitored”.

A good post explaining some of the potential in software defined networks, and a nice example of using Docker to build a powerful cloud bandwidth monitoring suite.

Metrics are an important part of adopting devops, but determining what to measure when it comes to less technical subjects is tricky. This is a good post about metrics focused around incident management and wy to measure certain things.

A talk from Monitorama last week, initially looking at what the presenter wants and doesn’t want out of a modern monitoring setup and then providing pointers to some low-level tools coming in the future.

The last of the monitorama presentations, this is an excellent talk on running a game day to help plan and simulate dealing with real production outages.

An interesting article looking at language choices for systems management applications. Based on a few personal opinions but some useful observations in there.

A nice writeup of talks at the recent docscale conference. Only brief overviews of each talk but nice to see the range of topics covered.


SignalFx is an advanced monitoring platform for modern applications built on streaming analytics, offered as SaaS. We’re looking for SREs and Infrastructure Engineers to support the rapid expansion of our platform on multiple IaaS providers.

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Devopsdays Chicago is coming up on the 25th and 26th of August and the CFP is currently open, closing on June 30th. The CFP site has several ideas for topics to cover too.


Mesos-consul automatically registers/deregisters services run as Mesos tasks, so you can use consul for service discovery purposes in a Mesos cluster.

Brubeck is a statsd compatible stats aggregator written in C. The initial post explains the problems with statsd, and in particular the use of UDP for monitoring.

CollectdWin a system statistics collection daemon for Windows, inspired by ‘collectd’.

Devops Weekly is sponsored by Brightbox Cloud: the multi-zone cloud platform built for High Availability.

Try an SSD cloud server in 30 seconds with your £20 free credit…