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The DORA survey is back this week, along with posts on Jevons paradox, monitoring and testing ML models, reliability and service architecture and more.

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[ICYMI] DAST is Dead! Long Live DAST! The Evolution of Dynamic API security Testing webinar is now available on YouTube. Watch on-demand here.


The 2024 DORA Survey is open for responses, with questions focused on hot topics like AI adoption, DevEx, and platform engineering

Very relevant to the evolution of systems administration over the past 15 years, this post looks at the relationship between Jevons paradox and automation.

A post on building robust serverless architectures, describing patterns for dealing with failures and preventing them spreading through an application.

A wild story about an interesting implication of S3’s cost model for DOS-like attacks to drive up costs if bucket names are known, and the risk of default configuration to lead to security challenges.

MemoryDB is a new service from AWS that provides improved durability, fan-out, leader election, safety during reconfiguration and resharding on top of Redis. This post explains some of the technology and approach in accomplishing that.

An interesting post on the challenges of monitoring ML models, introducing problems like training-serving skew, data and concept drift and data pipeline issues.

A look at the rise of generative AI-driven code agents and the impact on the future of software engineering.