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DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #602 - 17th July 2022

1 minute read

A classic week where I wonder if there were enough interesting posts, before diving into a wealth of interesting content. Operations, explaining SRE to manag...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #602 - 10th July 2022

1 minute read

A bit of a theme this week of developer experience, with posts, talks and tools focused on developers as users, including for internal tools common in operat...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #600 - 26th June 2022

1 minute read

Welcome to the 600th issue of this newsletter! That’s certainly a strange thing to write, nearly 12 years of sharing posts and tools on the evolving world of...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #599 - 19th June 2022

1 minute read

Lots of tools this week, from Linux distributions specifically for Kubernetes to tools for deploying in air-gapped environments. Plus posts on reliability en...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #598 - 12th June 2022

1 minute read

Supply chain security, infrastructure automation, local vs remote development environments and several new Kubernetes networking tools in this weeks issue.

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #597 - 5th June 2022

1 minute read

A short issue this week, with posts on Incident response, learning operations, managing configuration, evolving altering systems and a few interesting tools.

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #596 - 29th May 2022

1 minute read

Incident management, several posts on kubernetes technology choices, writing Rego and KubeCon this week, plus the launch of the latest Accelerate State of De...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #595 - 22nd May 2022

2 minute read

Something for everyone this week, with risk management, security maturity models and incident management posts on the business side, plus GitOps, GitBOM and ...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #594 - 15th May 2022

1 minute read

Observability and user-friendly git signing tools, plus useful principles for data migrations, configuration management and more this week. Enjoy KubeCon EU ...