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Technical posts on new DNS record types and authorization approaches, along with posts on the history of Devops through to how AI is changing software development.

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New DNS record types! This post looks at the new HTTPS record type, and how it already has reasonable adoption in the wild. This would have solved several annoying problems for me in a previous job.

A good post on the differences between policy vs graph based approaches for authorisation systems, looking at both Zanzibar and Open Policy Agent and finishing with pragmatic advice.

A nice state of devops Q&A with Patrick Debois, discussing the history of devops, manifestations like platform engineering, security joining the party and the influence of the devopsdays events.

KubeCon Chicago just wrapped up, and we have a detailed post covering the keynotes from each day as well as a selection of the track talks.

Some interesting observations about the adoption of AI-based developer tools, and developer sentiment towards AI in general. Based on a recent survey.


Terrareg is a Terraform module registry with GUI, Git integration, module analysis and analytics built-in.