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Several posts on the impact of AI on operations, from incident response to infrastructure as code. Lots to look forward to in that space I’d wager. Plus posts on monitoring, the DORA state of devops report and more.

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A set of collected views on how generative AI can aid incident response. Lots of great observations and ideas, some of which will undoubtedly become features and products in the future.

A summary of some of the research in the latest DORA State of Devops report, covering the ramifications of AI on productivity, factors contributing to job satisfaction and burnout, cloud selection and the non-linear nature of investing in reliability and SRE practices.

Another AI post. An argument that AI will write most Infrastructure as Code. Several interesting ideas and opportunities for bringing IaC closer to application teams.

If you’re starting out with Kubernetes there are several tools that will come up pretty quickly. This post acts as an introduction to the Helm package manager, with examples of basic configuration and usage.

As applications grow, logging gets more and more interesting. While lots of folks start off with a “log everything” approach this hits cost and affordance problems pretty quickly. This post is a good introduction to moving from logs to metrics.


OpenFeature is a community-developed specification trying to standardise feature flag management, supported by a suite of SDKs in several different languages.