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KubeCon, reproducible builds, internet infrastructure, low-level VM performance research and Kubernetes security posts this week.

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An in-depth summary of the recent KubeCon event in Detroit, with lots of links to topics discussed and presentations given.

More interesting posts on the infrastructure of the internet, this time looking at the diversity of authoritative NS records in gTLDs.

Some observations from a survey on the state of Kubernetes open source security tooling and integration costs, with a full report downloadable too.

Some OCAML specifics, but a good post on reproducible software tooling and why it’s important for certain use cases.

A good overview of the state of performance research around VM warmup, with good references and a review of recent research in the space.

One of the challenges with the size of AWS, especially for older services, is the optionality. One example is how best to manage access to RDS, which this handy blog post covers in detail.


Katana is a new crawling and spidering framework with a handy CLI tool. Useful for all sorts of things.

MergeStat enables SQL queries for data in git repositories (and related sources, such as the GitHub API). It allows you to ask questions about the history and contents of your source code.