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Building SRE teams, software transparency, Kubernetes and application portability, WASM, monitoring, graph databases and more. No real theme this week, just a wide range of interesting technical content.

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A nice case study of building an SRE team. Notes on people and process as well as the usual SLOs and SLIs.

13 years and 437 devopsdays events later, is devopsdays still relevant? I’m biassed, but I don’t think there is anything quite like devopsdays, and the organisers do an amazing job.

KubeCon was a few weeks ago, with lots of Kubernetes and Cloud Native sessions. This writeup summarises some of those nicely for anyone who couldn’t make it.

Does Kubernetes allow for application portability? This detailed post includes some examples that, within certain constraints, suggests not.

A post coining the term software dark matter to describe software that’s there, but unseen. Improving, and choosing to use, software toolchains that avoid this will be an important part of improving software transparency.

More of an industry report than I generally include, but some interesting observations and stats in this research on the evolution of devops tools/platforms.

Lots going on with Docker to lower the barrier to entry for WASM. This repo collects together lots of useful links for getting started.

A post on monitoring MongoDB. What metrics should you be monitoring? Plus how to get at that.


Cozo is a general-purpose, transactional, relational database that uses Datalog and focuses on graph data and algorithms. Simple to run, and with bindings for Python, Java, Node, Rust and C.