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A short issue this week, with posts on Incident response, learning operations, managing configuration, evolving altering systems and a few interesting tools.

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Human error is often an easy solution to reach for when investigating an incident. Too easy. This post encourages folks to discount human error as a forcing function for better post-incident conversations.

One part of a growing team and a move towards service-based architecture is managing alerts. This post highlights some of the challenges and lessons learned.

Grafana now has first-class support for managing configuration in Git. This post explains why that’s useful and how to use it.

How do you get started operating a new service? That might be as a new member to a team, or some other situation that brings with it new operational responsibilities. This deck has some suggestions.

A detailed post looking at Kubernetes liveness probes and how to implement health checks for your applications.


Trdl is a way of providing a secure channel for delivering updates from the Git repository to the end user. It uses TUF (The Update Framework) under the hood.

caddy-nats is a caddy module that allows the caddy server to interact with a NATS server. This extension supports multiple patterns: publish/subscribe, fan in/out, and request reply.