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Incident management, several posts on kubernetes technology choices, writing Rego and KubeCon this week, plus the launch of the latest Accelerate State of Devops survey.

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Find and fix security issues before production with developer-centric DAST and SAST testing that works together to identify high-priority, exploitable vulnerabilities in your code.


KubeCon EU wrapped up last week, and this post covers a selection of the talks, keynote sessions and breakouts, plus some of the wider issues around large scale tech events.

The 2022 Accelerate State of DevOps survey is open now, with a focus this year on security. It’s open until July 22nd if you have time to complete it.

Good incident management requires a team mentality. This post talks about how individuals can sometimes end up as too critical a piece, and how to fix hero culture.

A handy style guide for anyone writing Rego, the language used by Open Policy Agent.

A short course, comprising 7 lessons, on practical observability. Looks like a good introduction to the subject.

An overview of some of the options for monitoring Kubernetes.

Ingress is a key part of Kubernetes. This post looks at several criteria for choosing the best ingress controller for your use case.


Immudb is an immutable key-value database with a SQL interface, tamperproof data storage and data change history.

kpt is a package-centric toolchain that enables a WYSIWYG configuration authoring, automation, and delivery experience, which simplifies managing Kubernetes platforms. Interesting to see the focus on improved GUI tools, which are great for certain audiences.