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Cost-per-performance for ARM servers, a maturity model for security and development team, web performance and tools for discovering open policy agent policies, migrating workloads to Kubernetes and more.

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A post on the evolution of the relationship between development and security teams, proposing 4 levels of maturity.

There are lots of interesting things about the rise of ARM for server workloads, but one that will likely drive adoption is price/performance. This post looks at a series of PostgreSQL benchmarks.

A good web performance case study, with lots of examples, discussion of tools, code samples and improvements made.

Rust is picking up lots of interest recently, especially for systems work or low-level CLI tooling. But it might not be suitable, as a language or an ecosystem, yet for higher-level work like web development and APIs.

Lots of software benefits from a custom installer, but what makes for a good user experience for this kind of software? This post shares some thoughts and examples.

I think we’re starting to see a new rise of distributions, several related tools that solve a larger problem when combined together. Konveyor is a new project focused on migration, with tools for moving between and to Kubernetes, moving virtual machines and more.


Web Assembly is a low level technology which is likely to have wide ranging influence. A good example of the kinds of innovation it makes possible are things like Artichoke, a new Ruby language which compiles to a WASM binary.

PolicyHub CLI is a CLI tool that provides a simple discovery engine for finding useful Rego policies for Open Policy Agent.

Cinc is a community project to build a free distribution of the Chef software stack (currently including the Infra, Workstation and Inspec tools), released under an Apache 2.0 license.

Biome is a community distribution of Chef Habitat released under the Apache 2.0 license.