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Several posts on the cost of maintenance and change as software teams grow. Plus engineering management, sketch notes for learning GCP, alert fatigue and more.

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Big News Alert! Introducing remote-run support for Terragrunt workflows, now available in env0!

About env0: use Infrastructure as Code to let your team manage their own environments across clouds. Governed by your policies and with complete visibility & cost management.


A post on different sources of on-going maintenance, and some discussion of ways to improve the situation.

As development teams grow, change becomes harder. This post looks at an approach for addressing high impact changes that are spread out across teams, and how to get buy in.

Discussion of the evolution of frameworks in software development, in particular looking at how AWS itself can be considered a framework, providing primitives for logging, events, scaling, monitoring and more.

FOSDEM is going virtual this year on the 6th and 7th February, and lots of the devrooms have announced sessions. I’m particularly looking forward to the software composition devroom.

Lots of organisations will have a bunch of Perl code busily servicing critical needs. The Perl Foundation is looking for input on what they can do to better support the community.

A walkthrough of setting up a build and deployment pipeline for AWS ECS using Terraform, Terragrunt and GitHub Actions.

A great resource for learning Google Cloud Platform, this repo contains comprehensive sketchnotes covering all of the main GCP services.

A good reading list for anyone moving into more management roles in software.

A how to for setting up Kubernetes to use AWS EC2 spot instances to reduce cost and maintain a zero-downtime cluster as instances come and go.


3 a.m. wake ups are for heart surgeons, newborn parents… and SREs. Sarah Wells from the Financial Times is on a mission with Jamie Dobson, CEO of Container Solutions to keep good night rests sacred. Join them in the latest WTFinar, on Alert Fatigue and how to manage it. Sign up here: