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The first issue of 2021, with posts on developer dashboards, long-running CI pipelines, compression and cloud service billing, message queue and more.

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A good discussion of the benefits of compression. Starting out with a nice case study of migrating log data, bit expanding to other data transfer use cases. Particularly interesting because of the numbers and showing the financial savings on cloud services.

Working to reduce the time taken for CI/CD pipelines is nearly always a good investment of time. This post covers a few areas you can likely optimise.

A great introduction to message queues, with a detailed look at various software options including AWS and GCP services, Kafka, NSQ and NATs.

A quick introduction to Kyverno, an open source policy based tool for Kubernetes. In this example we’re shown how to easily automate adding labels to namespaces.

A strong argument for strong schemas when defining APIs.


Buf is providing a toolkit for making working with Protobuf APIs much easier, both for producers and consumers. Code generation as well as built-in linting and breaking change detection.

Zap describes itself as a simple cross-platform configuration management and orchestration tool. Store reusable plans in HCL and run a variety of tasks against remote machines.

Clutch provides a platform for runtime changes to infrastructure. Out of the box it has lots of features, but it’s mainly about making it easy to build custom developer dashboards with extensions.