DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #397 - 5th August 2018

2 minute read

Architecture, new tools, operational exercises and tips for managing teams adopting devops practices.


Learn from failure to improve incident response. Start conducting post-incident reviews for deeper analyses and start making future incident remediation easier:


A discussion of the pursuit of minimalism when building infrastructure systems, looking at the development of Heroku over time with tips for retiring technology, avoiding newly released software, non-invented-here and more.

The recent release of Knative for Kubernetes features a number of components, one of which, Knative Build, can be used to run container builds on your Kubernetes cluster.

How do you know how failures will affect your system? This post introduces the idea of a disaster recovery exercise and discusses the benefits for onboarding new people to on-call rotas.

A look at different ops organisational structures in terms of incentives. I don’t agree with the terminology/definitions but the models and points are interesting.

A collection of tips for managers looking to adopt devops practices into their organisations and teams.

A quick look at using pre-commit hooks to check for issues with Terraform code before commiting changes.

An interesting post on the role of Kubernetes as an operational data plane, with CRDs as a critical piece. Some comparisons with previous attempts at the same thing with ESBs as a nice warning.

IIS is a powerful web application server popular on Windows, which makes it important to monitor. This set of posts explain the basic moving parts and how to instrument and monitor them.

A post on how to square strict conformance requirements like separation of duties and adopting automation and devops practices.


Engineering Manager, Operations and Infrastructure

FreeAgent is one of the leading online accounting platforms, loved by over 65,000 freelancers, small business owners and their accountants. Our Operations and Infrastructure team is focused on the hosting, deployment, service availability and scalability of the FreeAgent platform, implementing key architectural improvements, introducing Systems Reliability Engineering principles and anticipating and measuring scalability issues. You will lead a dedicated team of extremely smart and collaborative engineers, ensuring they’re well directed, motivated, productive and engaged in their work. This is a technical team leadership and people-management role.


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A handy tool for finding security issues in source code repositories, in particular secrets or security keys accidentally checked in.

Argo CD is a new continuous deployment tool for Kubernetes. It supports deploying with Ksonnnet, Helm charts or standard Kubernetes configuration and integrates with a source code repository for the source of truth.

Learn from failure to improve incident response. Start conducting post-incident reviews for deeper analyses and start making future incident remediation easier: