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Several good posts this week on the reality of organisational change; practical tips for changing an IT organisation, getting developers on-call and swarming as an approach to support. Plus posts on Kubernetes and Prometheus and some interesting upcoming events to attend.


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An excellent, and practical, post with tips on helping a team or organisation actually change its culture. Culture might be a central tenet of devops, but finding hands-on discussions can be challenging.

It’s one thing to say developers should be on-call for their services, but how do you enact that change across a team that hasn’t worked in that way before? This post has some ideas and observations.

I’d wager most support organisations, including development teams, use a very traditional 3 tier support model. This post explains some of the weaknesses of that approach and explores an alternative; swarming.

An in-depth look at time-series data, and how you can use it across an organisation rather than just as a detail for a monitoring system.

The operations side of serverless is still a new field I feel, one of the specific areas worthy of discussion is security. This post provides a good overview of the current state of affairs and challenges to overcome.

A look at patterns for organising Terraform code, focused on building a workflow that can scale across teams and more complex organisations.

A nice walkthrough of the Prometheus monitoring tool, with nice diagrams showing the basic architecture and instructions for how to install and configure it.

Kubernetes as a large number of concepts, at various levels of abstraction. Deployments sit fairly high in the stack, and this post explains when and how they are used for gradual rollouts of containers.


We’re hiring a Senior DevOps Engineer onsite here at HelloFresh in Berlin. Our ideal candidate is passionate about contributing to open source, experienced in developing tools for engineers to consume and loves to automate things! You can get a taste of what we’ve been working on by checking out our engineering blog linked below.

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CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Free Webinar - Taking Serverless and AI to the Next Level February 27, Online

Joins us for an overview of serverless architectures and efforts to encourage collaboration and portability through CNCF working groups.

Free Webinar - Building Serverless Application Pipelines March 6, Online

Join us to learn about several application use-cases that are driving the serverless movement how they can be developed and deployed on top of Kubernetes using an open source serverless solution called kubeless.


SCALE 16x (the Southern California Linux Expo) is back on March 8th to 11th with everything from capture the flag competitions, great speakers and a day for children interested in open source. The day after the event is Devops Days LA too. You can use the code DEVOP for a discount on the ticket prices.


Micrometer is an interesting project which provides a standard way of instrumenting your JVM-based application (think timers, gauges, counters or distribution summaries) and then late-binding to services like Prometheus, Netflix Atlas, CloudWatch, Datadog, Graphite, Ganglia, JMX, Influx/Telegraf, StatsD, SignalFx, and Wavefront.

Speed up delivery with ongoing intelligence. Integrate the power of Splunk with VictorOps.