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A selection of posts this week on some of the harder non-technical aspects of devops; from sociotechnical systems to why the relationship between compliance and software development is often fraught. Plus posts on immutable infrastructure, automating the management of a large database cluster and more.


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An excellent post on the divide between compliance teams and development teams in typical enterprise environments.

An essay on the inter-relationship between technology and practice, explaining the field of sociotechnical systems and why particular technology choices won’t resolve wider cultural issues.

A good post on building services which become part of the background, the importance of reliability and what UX research can learn from site reliability engineering.

A nice presentation on various common container patterns, from spoofing hosts to multi-stage builds and from sidecar containers to mounting sources at runtime. Nicely presented and explained with examples.

Slides from my Configuration Management Camp talk, all about why application configuration should have a schema, and all the time and toil saving things we could do if it did.

Another talks from Configuration Management Camp, on the reasons behind immutable infrastructure and how to adopt the pattern using LinuxKit.

A deck covering how to sell serverless to your colleagues. Looking at inertia, the reality today vs potential in the future and embracing the service ecosystem.

A description of the automation behind managing a 150 node Cassandra clusters, using Chef, Rundeck and Terraform.

A walkthrough of building a pipeline for building and testing a virtual machine, in this case using Packer, Ansible, InSpec and Pester.

A quick look at setting up a lab environment to test prometheus and grafana, using Docker Compose.

When working with Kubernetes exposing a service to the outside world is a common requirement. This post covers how to go about doing so using Kubernetes Ingress.


DotScale is back, bringing together speakers on devops, scalability and distributed systems in Paris from May 31st to June 1st. The organisers have kindly shared a 20% discount code for newsletters of DEVOPSWEEKLY.


Alpinist provides a simple way of maintaining an Alpine APK package repository. Just upload packages to S3 and a Lambda function will build the repository metadata.

Learn how to accelerate your path to full-stack monitoring and alerting in this webinar. Register now: