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Everything from architectural patterns to Serverless, via linux tracing tools, thoughts about the future of linux distributions, a great reading list for managers and executives interested in devops and some tips for testing and rolling out low-level infrastructure changes.


New eBook for DevOps pros: The Dev and Ops Guide to Incident Management offers 25+ pages of essential insight into building teams and improving your response to downtime.


DevOps: Cultural and Tooling Tips Around the World

DevOps! One of the most abused terms in the software industry over the last few years. The term can mean something totally different, depending on your role, and your business. Join us for a 30-minute “secret sauce” session to hear customer learnings and best practices from DevOps adopters around the world.


An excellent set of documented architectural design patterns for working with microservices. This isn’t invention, but formalisation, which is just as important. Good stuff on ambassadors, api gateways and working with legacy systems.

A fantastic post delving into linux tracing systems. Explaining what they are, how the different pieces fit together and some practical tips on why you might use different tools.

I attended the excellent JeffConf, all about Serverless compute, last week in London. That inspired some predictions for the future of serverless platforms that are hopefully of interest to some folks.

An interesting argument for the coming irrelevance of operating system distributions. Makes some good points and discusses some of the context for distros being quite so different.

A detailed look at a Kubernetes workflow in use for a good sized deployment, including aspects for regulatory compliance. A useful focus on the workflow steps over the tools too.

A look at the problems with managing configuration, including config files and environment variables, the problem with version control, and the ever-expanding nature of configuration settings.

An look at testing infrastrastructure provisioning with terraform, looking at emerging integration and unit testing approaches.

A nice reminder of the changing role of the traditional systems administrator, but also some good points for developers that work on standards, security and dependability now lie further up the stack.

In many cases devops has seen bottom-up adoption, but at some point that means introducing the concepts to management. This list provides a curated set of reading, with an explanation of why each article or briefing is relevant.

An interesting look at the type of issues that can occur when rolling out infrastructure software that underpins everything else, and some discussion of new tooling to rollout changes over a period of time automatically.

Go is becoming increasingly popular for infrastructure tooling, so understanding the Go toolchain is useful I think. This set of exercises and workshop material is an excellent introduction.

CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

KubeCon / CloudNativeCon Austin - Join leading Kubernetes and Cloud Native technologists in Austin for a full range of technology sessions on the cloud native ecosystem.

We sold out in Berlin and are excited to see thousands of you from the community in Austin! Call for papers and registration information linked.


Smith is a command line utility for building microcontainers from rpm packages or oci images. The resulting image only contains the process to be run and its direct dependencies, is particular careful about file ownership and permissions and can be run read-only.

New eBook for DevOps pros: The Dev and Ops Guide to Incident Management offers 25+ pages of essential insight into building teams and improving your response to downtime.