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A fairly technology heavy issue this week, with discussion of tools to support on-call scheduling, load testing, Kubernetes management and interesting container debugging. I’ll try make next week’s issue a bit more balanced.


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DevOps: Cultural and Tooling Tips Around the World

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An interesting look at how one large organisation built tooling to help manage on-call scheduling and alerting. Some interesting data as well about the growth of alerts over time in a modern architecture vs the traditional NOC role.

Containers share the underlying kernel, which can make for some interesting issues if you only think in terms of hypervisor-powered virtualisation. It’s a detailed post on the kind of things you can run into.

Some useful tips for anyone building systems in Lambda. Covering deployment, secrets management, dealing with timeouts and responding quickly to requests.

Just writing raw data files isn’t enough when it comes to managing systems across teams in an efficient way. This post introduces the advantages of using something like Jsonnet, in this case for managing Kubernetes configuration files.

A nice how-to for load testing, using Vegeta to simulate load and then Python to analyse the results. Some useful code samples and ideas for anyone doing basic load testing.

A look at how one team introduced monitoring into a highly dynamic container-based system, with tips for some common pitfalls.

A straightforward walkthrough for installing Kubernetes on a bare metal host, in this case using Ubuntu 16.04.

CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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The second Devopsdays Cape Town is coming up on the 6th and 7th of November. The organisers are on the lookout for sponsors and speakers, the call for proposals is open until the 31st of July.


Kubeval is something I’ve been hacking on recently to validate Kubernetes config files. Especially if you’re generating those files with templates, or supporting multiple versions of Kubernetes, this might be handy.

Kube Shell is exactly what you’d expect, a shell for interacting with Kubernetes. Auto completion, command suggestion, history, inline documentation and more.

New eBook for DevOps pros: The Dev and Ops Guide to Incident Management offers 25+ pages of essential insight into building teams and improving your response to downtime.