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With the Open Container Project, and now the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, it’s interesting to see a move towards shared ownership, and the potential for open standards, play out for containers. I’d love to read more peoples opinions on how all of that will play out.


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A good write-up of investigating a performance problem for an appliance. Lots of graphs and a discussion of the methodology and tools used, including wireshark and tcpdump.

The 2015 State of Devops report has been published (disclaimer - by my employer Puppet Labs), with lots of solid data and analysis on the impact devops in organisations. Particularly useful for convincing management colleagues of the value of embracing devops ideas.

Kubernetes is being adopted as a core part of a number of modern infrastructure platforms, so the release of 1.0 is noteworthy. It will be interesting to see what else comes from the newly announced Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Some interesting observations and advice for people getting started with devops. It’s interesting how this topics has evolved over the last several years for different people getting interested now.

An interesting example of using Docker and Nix together. Using Nix to build the container and then wrapping it with a scratch container so Docker can run it.

A nice step back from the higher level container tools to introduce chroot and cgroups in the context of Docker. A useful quick introduction.

An excellent looking set of open course material for learning all about Mesos. A good mix of all the commands you need as well as video tutorials.

A reminder, with good data, that exposing unsecured databases to the internet is never a good idea. Worth being reminded of the next time you try any software out.

A nice look at how Devopsdays Melbourne worked; from the usual open spaces to discussions, panels, ignite talks and social events.


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Software Circus is a conference dedicated to programmable infrastructure. It;s happening on the 10th and 11th of September in Amsterdam. Tickets are on-sale and the CFP is open for another week too.

DevSecCon is an upcoming conference all about bringing together developers, analysts and systems administrators to talk about security. It’s happening in London on the 22nd of October, and early-bird tickets are available now.


Hygieia is a single, configurable, easy to use dashboard to visualize near real-time status of a continuous delivery pipeline.

Waffles is intended to be a simple configuration management and deployment system written entirely in Bash for portability.

Pupa is a handy bootstrapping tool for an opinionated modern Puppet setup using the latest puppet-agent as well as r10k to manage environments.

Devops Weekly is sponsored by Brightbox Cloud: the multi-zone cloud platform built for High Availability.

Try an SSD cloud server in 30 seconds with your £20 free credit…