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Back on UK time this week so lots more content this week, across the usual wide range of topics. I’ve definitely been including less tools recently I’ve noticed, so if you’re using or writing some new and interesting that you think would be relevant please do send me a link.


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[eBook] Goodbye War Room, Hello DevOps 2.0

Make war rooms the exception, not the rule in 2.0. Discover 6 ways to build quality into everything and say goodbye to crazy expensive bug fixing and war rooms.


An excellent post placing devops in a historical context as well as talking about the evolution of practice in industry.

An interesting post describing something I’ve seen too, creating a team explicitly to support other product teams with shared services and common problems. Here it’s terms Delivery Engineering.

Automating the creation of Windows base boxes is quite an involved process, so this post should be required reading for anyone trying to do the same. Still a long process but no manual interaction required.

A good write-up of building out an infrastructure to support a 12-factor application, in particular using Consul, Vault and Puppet. The screencapture demos are a great way of showing how this all works together.

A good post on where to get started thinking about security in a devops environment. Static analysis, shared responsibility, infrastructure as code, education and more.

If anyone is thinking about organising, or is already helping with, a local devops meetup then this list is worth reading. Some good practical tips on vendor pitches, encouraging debate and widening the audience.

A video from Devopsdays Minneapolis about deploying Chef in a multi-team environments, and various tools and strategies to address the problems. Features an important discussion at the end about developing empathy for those without the same privilege as you.

The application of machine learning and statistical methods to monitoring is definitely on the rise. This post presents a good example of why purely threshold based approaches fail and talks about one solution. The comments have other suggestions too.

A good presentation on the 7 deadly sins of microservices. Lots of good points on architecture, using the latest software, the importance of automation and operational maturity and more.

Incident reports are always interesting to read, whether you have experienced the same issue or not. This report covers a typical scaling problem and tells the story of what was tried and what worked to fix it.

A quick run-through of using docker machine to boot the new docker experimental release, and to use machine and swarm with the new overlay network functionality.

An introduction to what Unikernels are, including slides and a video (if you scroll down). The post also contains lots of links to find out more information.


We are seeking a talented and self-motivated Infrastructure Developer/Ops Engineer. You’ll be part of the operations / infrastructure team and work on a complete platform rebuild using public cloud infrastructure. You’ll be using tools like Ansible, GoCD, Python, Java, Riemann, Sensu to name a few open-source projects, which we not only use but also contribute to. If you love to “automate everything” and have experience in managing dynamic infrastructure in a public cloud environment, get in touch!


Apache nifi is a tool for data flow management. It provides a GUI for creating flows which can deal with system failure, overflowing data and more. The site also features comprehensive documentation on the capabilities and a good introduction.

Devops Weekly is sponsored by Brightbox Cloud: the multi-zone cloud platform built for High Availability.

Try an SSD cloud server in 30 seconds with your £20 free credit…