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A post this week, about managing a fleet of Mac desktops using Munki and Sal, reminded me I’d love to see some more posts about behind the scenes IT. I think devops is just as relevant to traditional IT work but much of the focus has been in the web operations and infrastructure area. If you write or find any good posts let me know.


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An impassioned plea for learning some SQL and making use of stored procedures in particular. Some good counter arguments against the prevailing wisdom that business logic in your database is always bad.

A checklist to gauge the maturity of your software delivery processes. Lots of focus on practices and organisation structure and incentives.

One of the uses of docker is as a packaging format. These examples run with that, and use containers to install and manage desktop software, from command line tools to browsers and even Skype.

A good breakdown of where DSC fits in with existing configuration management tools like Chef and Puppet. Interesting points about for whom DSC on Linux might prove useful.

I’m super interested in how a renewed focus on automation and good tools is increasingly being used for desktop management and other internal IT functions. This post nicely covers a set of tools for managing a mac OS X fleet.

A nice simple walkthrough of installing and managing a small HA Mesos cluster using Puppet. Also includes installing the Chronos and Marathon frameworks.

If you’re tracking the development of future infrastructure this post might be of interest, using CoreOS under the hood it demonstrates launching a Spark cluster on Docker, using Weave for the network layer.

Go is still a new language and development environment for many, so posts like this that describe emerging practices for running Go in production are useful. Tips on dependency management, logging and project layout amongst others.

A good part 1 of an introduction to Kanban for software development, focusing on why the concept of done-done is problematic and what to do about it.

A reminder that code that isn’t easy to build and run will get in the way of lots of practices that devops advocates, from continuous integration to easy experimentation.


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Devopsdays Paris is coming up on the 14th and 15th of April, and the call for proposals is open now. The organisers are looking for longer talks as well as shorter ignite sessions, and want to encourage first time speakers to propose sessions too.


A very good looking dashboard for managing a fleet of Apple computers using Munki.

Gogs is a self-hosted Git server. It’s aim is to be cross-platform (running on Windows, Mac and Linux), light-weight and very easy to install.

Baci is a tools for building ACIs, the Rocket container format. It handily reuses the Dockerfile format, but also speculates a little about a more general container build language which sounds interesting.

Devops Weekly is sponsored by Brightbox Cloud - serious UK-based cloud infrastructure from only 1.5p per hour (£10.95/month)

Start your £20 free trial now: http://brightbox.com/devopsweekly