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So, 200 issues. Rather fittingly this issue is filled with content from last weeks 5th anniversary Devopsdays event #thankyoupatrick


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Devopsdays Gent

Quite meta this one. It’s an ignite talk I gave at Devopsdays all about the first 200 issues of Devops Weekly. Some interesting facts and figures for the long time reader.

Probably my favourite ignite talk from Devopsdays, seeing if you can spot real statements made about devops from those generated using a Markov chain text generator.

If you’re just getting to grips with monitoring it can be difficult to know where to start. This presentation gives you a quick overview of the last 5 years. Lots of ideas for things to improve.

Another entertaining ignite talk, entitled Devops is the Macguffin. As a community we sometimes disagree on the meaning of the term Devops, but how much does that matter if we improve at what we’re doing? I couldn’t agree more.

Another of the culture focused talks, this one focused on understanding empathy from a scientific perspective.

A good write-up of the two days, with lots of links to things mentioned in the various talks and discussions.

A nice writeup of some of the talks and conversations at the recent Devopsdays event in Gent.


An interesting discussion about the use of digital signatures (specifically in relation to the signing added to Docker) and why trust is hard and key management even harder.

A good step by step guide to running a game day, along with a writeup of a recent event. This is a great way of testing real world resilience in a controlled by realistic manner.


ScaleConf has a call for proposals out. The event, all about scalability and high availability, will take place in Cape Town, South Africa in March next year. The CFP closes 12th of January.

Lots of Mongo events coming up in the next month or so, with MongoDB London on November 6th, Munich on November 12th, Paris on November 18th and San Francisco on December 3rd.


osquery exposes information about your operating system via a SQL interface, allowing for some pretty powerful tooling. Also supports querying across multiple hosts.

Dwight Conrad is an OpenResty based HTTP routing component, backed by Redis. It supports a number of features useful for feature toggling and canary releases.

Cluppet is a tool to maintain a part of your AWS infrastructure in code, specifically as a clojure based DSL.