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I’m writing this on from the train, on the way to Belgium for the 5th Anniversary of Devopsdays. Hopefully I’ll see lots of you there. For anyone who can’t make it I’ll try and gather as much material as possible from talks and open spaces for next weeks 200th issue.


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A great reminder that behind any large improvement (like a devops transformation) probably lies an awful lot of hard work and iteration.

I’ll hopefully find a bunch more content from the recent Devops Enterprise conference over the next few weeks, but these brief notes give you an idea of some of the hot topics; agile adoption, auditing, tools and user acceptance testing.

A great starting point for anyone interested in the state of automation on Windows, especially if you’re coming from a lInux environment. Lots of snippets to get started with powershell, Chocolatey packages and winrm.

A survey all about the how mature our real world monitoring practices are. James Turnbull (of recent books on Logstash and Docker fame) is collecting the data for a talk next year.

With the 5th anniversary Devopsdays event about to happen it’s the perfect time to have a retrospective about where we are as a community. If you’re on twitter start suggesting ideas on #devopsstart, #devopsstop and #devopscontinue.

Some simple examples comparing a traditional IT operations approach to devops, focusing on efficiency and effectiveness.

Some good advice on designing a security programme that both augments and supports devops practices.

A good write-up of an open spaces session at Devopsdays Berlin about the simplest ways of getting started with devops practices. Some good tips for anyone thinking about starting something.

A nice post introducing a number of the practices required for continuous delivery. Mention of branching, feature toggles, monitoring, testing all in the context of speeding up deployment.


MediaMath is looking for an SRE to help build and manage our infrastructure and data centers across four continents. Our SREs are front-and-center in the effort to design, build, and keep our distributed services fast and reliable, 100% of the time. If the stability and performance of real-time, global systems sounds like an exciting challenge, join our team.

STYLIGHT is looking for a talented Automation Engineer who understands the importance of continuous integration and delivery. STYLIGHT features the hottest selection of items from the best fashion stores of the web. If working together with developers and operations engineers to build and deploy the latest Docker containers is your thing, come check us out!

STYLIGHT wants an Operations Engineer who makes sure we’re happily serving pages no matter how much traffic we have. STYLIGHT features the hottest selection of items from the best fashion stores of the web. If you use Salt or Puppet to manage your servers and deploy Docker containers on load-balanced AWS instances on a daily basis, come check us out!


The programme is out for New Directions in Operating Systems next month in London, with talks on networking, configuration management, rump kernels and file systems. You can get a discount with the code DEVOPSWEEKLY, only a small number of tickets are left.


Stocker is an interesting approach to securely managing environment variables for use by applications, in particular containers. It’s currently Redis backed though could support multiple backends in the future.