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DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #396 - 29th July 2018

2 minute read

A few posts this week this an academic flavour; a survey looking into continuous integration practices and a collection of papers and research around resilie...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #394 - 15th July 2018

2 minute read

A fairly packed issue this week, with everything from moving back to monolithic applications, why tickets are the wrong way to manage IT operations, examples...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #393 - 8th July 2018

2 minute read

Some great posts this week on important topics, including the economics of serverless, management in organisations adopting devops, and the importance and ri...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #392 - 1st July 2018

2 minute read

Several security posts this week, along with a few Windows posts too. Plus how Devops and Cloud Native relate to each other, a look at Helm 3 and more.

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #391 - 24th June 2018

2 minute read

A few good case studies of adopting modern infrastructure and devops practices this week, along with a couple of posts on the evolution of local development ...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #390 - 17th June 2018

2 minute read

A fair bit of Docker content this week, mainly with it being DockerCon rather than because I happen to work there hopefully. But some other good posts on the...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #389 - 10th June 2018

3 minute read

A bit of a theme of practical container posts this week, with posts on Kubernetes as a cloud-migration strategy, tips for building Docker images and database...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #388 - 3rd June 2018

1 minute read

Several service management posts this week, as well as some useful advice on securing all those automation management tools we’re adopting. Several good tech...

DEVOPS WEEKLY ISSUE #387 - 27th May 2018

1 minute read

A range of content this week on cost-reduction for Kubernetes clusters, devops influenced software development lifecycle, some devops history, testing server...