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WebAssembly, Kubernetes and Serverless posts today. I think increasingly we’ll see the three combined in interesting ways as well as some folks position them as competitive.

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Learn how our team at StackHawk tests external cookie authentication using Ktor, and check out some of the helper functions we wrote to make the tests easy to write, read, and maintain.


WebAssembly is interesting and important. It’s now getting to the point where it’s in active use for lots of interesting use cases. This post is a great introduction to the current ecosystem.

Security conversations are too often cursed with binary thinking. This post has lots of examples, from compliance to open source, incident management and more.

Grafana supports sharing dashboards, but can lead to lots of repetition in definitions. Enter Grafonnet, using Jsonnet to maximise reuse.

An interesting discussion of the tradeoffs with how teams choose to develop software, balancing predictability and speed of feedback, with two extreme examples and talk of risk appetite.

A detailed post on tips for adopting a serverless architecture on AWS, including discussion of the mindset shift and benefits of upfront training on the differences.

A look at multi-cluster support in Kubernetes, using Kind to launch several clusters for testing and Submariner and Calico for the networking.

A comprehensive post on essential tools for Kubernetes, covering deployment, build, security, policy, higher-level interfaces, extensions and lots more. It does point to the size and complexity of the ecosystem now.


Space Cloud is a Kubernetes based serverless platform that provides instant, real time APIs on any database, with event triggers. Think Firebase on Kubernetes.

Turbolift automates forking, cloning, committing, and raising PRs against a large number of Git repositories. Handy for those organization wide changes that sometimes need making like adding, removing or modifying specific files.