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Quite a few KubeCon inspired posts this week, including several Kubernetes-related tools.

StackHawk sponsors Devops Weekly

Tune into ZAPCon After Hours this Tuesday at 8 am PT to learn how to include automated security testing in your builds with ZAP


Are developer portals (like those powered by Backstage) an anti-pattern? This post argues yes.

The full playlist of talks from last week’s GitOps Con event with case studies and deep dive technical sessions.

An interesting post on hosting SQLite databases on static hosting, in this case GitHub pages. SQlite databases are just files, and the post shows how to compile SQLite itself to WASM for serving.

AWS CDK now supports Java, allowing for native deployment tooling for another ecosystem. This post demonstrates deploying a Java app to Lambda using CDK.

Pyston is an alternative Python runtime (technically a fork of CPython) that purports to be 30% faster for common workloads. Originally developed at Dropbox, Pyston is now an open source project.


Gitpod.io is looking for senior engineers helping to build out our SRE team.

Want to work in open source and fully-remote with some of the world’s most talented K8s and developer tools engineers? You are obsessed with DevX and automating our workflows? We pioneered the concept of dev-environments-as-code and provision automated and ready-to-code development environments that blend in your existing workflow. We’d love to hear from you.


Pixie is an observability stack for Kubernetes applications. It provides dashboards and a handy CLI tool, and doesn’t require complex instrumentation.

DazedAndConfused is a tool for helping identify dependency confusion attacks, with support for a wide range of different package managers.

kcp is a prototype of a Kubernetes API server that is not a Kubernetes cluster. If you’re interested in Kubernetes-like APIs but for other tools this might be interesting to watch.

Pinniped is the easy, secure way to log in to your Kubernetes clusters, including support for OpenID Connect.