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Several posts this week regarding incident management, from the risks of counting incidents to incident management frameworks, as well as great hardening exercises for Kubernete, discussion of SLOs and more.

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A post on why counting incidents and trying to reduce the number might not be the best approach to incident management.

A fantastically detailed post on everything site reliability engineering for Kubernetes, including detailed hardening exercises to conduct.

A look at a new proposed incident management framework and why we need one.

A post on the difficulties of implementing SLOs, and introducing the Sloth toolkit.

An interesting use of OpenTracing to not only provide tracing through a service-based system, but also to carry custom context for anything from sharding to localisation to testing in production.

A quick approach to hardening linux servers using the DevSec hardening framework and Ansible.

Containers and virtual machines have different tradeoffs. This post looks into how to run docker containers inside a microvm using QEMU.

Kubernetes by example is a comprehensive set of learning resources for Kubernetes including video, hands-on examples and a streaming community.