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Gamedays as a technique for testing and improving performance and stability, pitfalls with measuring developer productivity, serverless databases, new code editors and more. A range of topics more than any theme this week.

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[ICYMI] DAST is Dead! Long Live DAST! The Evolution of Dynamic API security Testing webinar is now available on YouTube. Watch on-demand here.


A look at how one team used gamedays as a tool to test and improve performance and resilience.

Lots of complex applications are managed by large amounts of configuration, including OpenAPI specs and Kubernetes manifests. This post looks at how API and Kubernetes configuration might come together.

The Octoverse report from the end of last year, looking at the state of open source, with stats on the growing adoption of AI tools, continued growth in declarative infrastructure configuration and more.

Measuring developer productivity is easy to do, and hard to make useful. This post makes the case that qualitative metric might be more useful than quantitative.


Ray LLM is an LLM serving solution that makes it easy to deploy and manage a variety of open source LLMs as well as compare the outputs of different models.

Neon is billed as serverless PostgreSQL. It separates storage and compute in order to support autoscaling, branching, and expanded storage.

Zed is a modern code editor, optimised for performance and providing ​​multi-user editing and close integration with generative AI tools.