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Several posts this week on the future of devops, and a call for a new generation of tools that don’t just build on what has come before.

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A passionate call for a second wave of devops tools to fulfil the promise of the movement. Some good observations here about what’s changed over the last 10+ years, and what hasn’t.

A bit of a companion to the above post, a conversation on the same topic of what devops has got right, what we’ve got wrong and where we can go from here.

And another follow on. This post runs with the ideas from the above posts, and highlights several companies and projects that are building in this area.

A useful new guide to configuring source code management systems securely, with specific recommendations for GitHub and GitLab as well as general guidance.

A discussion of the adoption of backstage at Spotify, and the challenges of adoption in general of a developer platform.

A good counter argument to anyone who claims you can’t adopt modern software practices in a heavily regulated environment.

Interesting visualisations of breach data from large, well known, security breaches. Both the timeline and sensitivity view provide some understanding of the scale of the problem.


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A set of lessons aimed at anyone learning LLM and generative AI concepts, with sections on operations and security, as well as development.