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A good mix of posts, events and tools this week, with datacenter posts and CLI tools for AI, shrinking SaaS budgets for devops tools and some excellent upcoming free events.

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SaaS budgets are suddenly a hot item in lots of organisations. This post discusses the explosion of tools and costs during the last few years, and pressures now to reduce tools and costs.

What does large scale AI usage mean for data centres? This post looks at what Meta are doing, with highly integrated designs from the chips, compute, network, storage and software.

A new curated list of links to articles, papers, conference talks, and tooling related to load management in software services: loadshedding, circuit breaking, quota management and throttling.

Another post on the infrastructure of the internet, in this case details of certificate authorities and CAA records.

A nice roundup of 3 major outages from the past several years, and what we can learn from them.

Cilium is predominantly used with Kubernetes, but this post looks in detail at how it can be used to manage the network policies when running Nomad too.

Is Postgres suitable for analytics event data? This post says yes, showing sample schemas and presenting some performance numbers for 50 million events per day.


PlatformCon 2023 is coming up on 8th and 9th June. A free online event, with tracks on case studies, technology, culture and more across two full days.

DevopsHeroes is back, in Palma, Italy on October 21st. Attendance is free, and the CFT is open now, closing August 1st, and looking for talks on methodologies, technology and experience reports.


We’ve seen a lot of interest in chat interfaces to LLMs, so it’s nice to see CLI tools start to emerge as well. A nice general example, though I think we’ll see capabilities build in to lots of tools directly too.

Task is a general task runner, using a YAML Taskfile to describe tasks to run. Intended to replace some Make use cases.

Janus is basically a distribution of the Backstage developer platform from Red Hat. It comes with a set of opinionated plugins out of the box, including for integration with Kubernetes, container registries, Tekton and more.