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From the business of engineering to the more technical posts. Cloud spend, platform engineering, service-mesh adoption, the problem with secrets, SBOM workflows and a few other interesting posts this week.

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Bridging the gap between security and engineering involves giving teams responsible for writing and deploying code a way to include security testing in their standard workflow. Check out Omdia’s POV on StackHawk in their On the Radar Report.


COGS (or cost of goods sold) is relevant in lots of business contexts, but in a technology company, a large component is likely to be Cloud spend. A good post, covering both an introduction and concrete topics to consider when looking to reduce COGS.

A post introducing and discussing Platform Engineering. Some good observations about the proximity and differences to traditional infrastructure engineering.

Another post on Platform Engineering, this one looking to identify common journeys (like ticket driven workflows, exposing a Kubernetes API, exposing a Cloud API, etc.) and problems and solutions arising from those starting points.

A nice update for the beta of IaSQL, which basically exposes an AWS account as a PostgreSQL database. Some interesting new features, like transactions for infrastructure updates.

The State of Secrets Sprawl report looks at the problem of secrets leakage, highlighting related incidents, some of the ecosystem challenges and data from the last year.

A couple of posts, looking at one team’s adoption of the Linkerd service mesh and some of the dashboards used to monitor usage and performance.

A look at an SBOM workflow, using various tools to build an SBOM and upload it to DependencyTrack, orchestrated by Dracon pipelines.

Running with an analogy can be fun. This post compares maintaining a complex software project over time to playing the game of Jenga.


Ruff is a linter for Python, that aims to be much faster than existing tools. I think this will be a pattern, re-implementing certain ecosystem tools in Rust for improved performance.