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Incident management, cloud complexity, open telemetry adoption as well as a few handy utilities this week. For those starting a holiday this week, I hope your on-call shifts are quiet.

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A new report analysing 50,000 anonymised incidents, with interesting aggregate data and observations around the use of service catalogues and defined incident roles on recovery time.

Do you secure internal traffic with certificates from let’s encrypt or a public CA? This post discusses why that’s not a great idea, and what you can do instead.

A good case study on the adoption of open telemetry at scale.

Some thoughts on recent cloud outage trends, and the relationship between those and the complexity of real-world hybrid cloud environments.

A series of posts on the low level details of the linux shell, looking at file descriptors, pipelines, process groups and more. Useful when you need to debug something at this level.


Fx is a handy tool for exploring JSON documents, for instance from API responses. It’s an interactive command line explorer, with the ability to write reducers in JavaScript, Ruby or Python.

Hurl is a neat HTTP testing tool. A simple DSL for writing assertions against web responses, including APIs, and testing those assertions.