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Several posts this week on platform engineering, which is certainly seeing a lot of interest at the moment with roles, new companies and changes to how we try and scale operations and developer experience.

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Try automated security testing in CI/CD without connecting your own app or configuring an environment. Test a sample app in CI using GitHub Actions and follow guidance to triage and fix findings. Go on and give it a try!


Good notes from the recent PlatformCon, with talks on definitions, platform as a product, moving cognitive load around, levels of abstraction and more.

A deep dive into supply chain security challenges with source code management systems, articulating many of the attack surface risks and what you can do to protect against them.

At the heart of several software challenges, whether configuration management or software supply chain security, is naming software components. This talk discusses this central problem.

Shifting culture and changing processes is hard and takes time, and devops has always been about that movement. This halloween-flavoured post looks at some particular challenges with vampires, ghosts and zombies.

Another discussion of the growth of platform teams and platform engineering and what makes a great experience. Talk of customers, onboarding, sales and marketing, but applied to those internal developers you want to use your platform.

This last week was AWS re:Invent, AWS’s yearly announcement extravaganza. Lots of announcements, for existing and new services. Here’s a long list of the top announcements.

A post on the data modernization aspect of digital transformation, and how devops practices play an important role.


One of the oft-quoted use cases for WebAssembly is plugins. Extism is a framework for implementing a plugin system in your apps, making this much easier to do. Very interesting.