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Logging formats, operations culture, private cloud and the latest Accelerate State of Devops report, plus tools for supply chain management, managing Git hooks and more.

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Are logs for humans or machines? Or both? A post on creating human and machine friendly log, with a proposed JSON-based log format.

A post on distroless container images, what they are and why they are useful. I see lots of folks get surprised by this, so it’s useful to have a detailed blog post to reference.

A discussion of the need for more people-centric operations, with some observations from a recent survey and some concrete suggestions.

There are all sorts of difficulties in building a private cloud. This post discusses some of the reasons you might need to, and problems you’ll need to consider.

Some interesting findings from the 2022 Accelerate State of DevOps Report, in particular around the adoption of security practices.

A look at building an ebpf based profiler, for static and dynamic languages. Details on performance overhead. Start of an interesting series.


Hookz is a handy tool for managing client-side git hooks using a configuration file.

A Kubernetes operator that automatically tracks software packages in the container images running in the cluster, and saves it to a variety of targets, including DependencyTrack, Git and OCI registries.

A very new low level container build tool focused on ubuntu packages.