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A good mix of content this week on architecture, container build tools, incident management and AWS Lambda this week.

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Adding security testing to the development lifecycle means deploying to production the right way the first time. Watch a StackHawk demo to see how you can use automated testing to avoid roadmap disruptions and slowdowns.


A detailed post looking at applying Domain Driven Design principles to a real-world Serverless architecture.

Containers as more of an implementation detail is definitely how I think things should work in many cases, so it’s nice to see first-class support for building and publishing container images for .NET applications in the .NET SDK.

An introduction to AWS Lambda function versions, with a simple example of publishing a stable and latest version of the function.

SPF (Sender Policy Frameworks) helps with fighting email spam, but how does it work? Or how is it meant to work and how is it actually implemented?

Most teams try to minimise the number of formal incidents. But this post looks at the benefits of more lower severity incidents to a health incident management culture.

In a cloud native environment the overlap between infrastructure, architecture and code is an interesting one. This post looks at that overlap, with examples from AWS and CDK in particular.

A nic demo showing how to use the sigstore policy (admission) controller to verify keyless sigstore signatures.


An interactive debugger for Dockerfile, stepping through layer-by-layer, along with integration with popular IDEs.

GitGat is a handy tool for ensuring your GitHub organisation is set up securely, testing the things like key expiration, multi-factor authentication and commit signing and enforcing secure configuration using Open Policy Agent.