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Incident management, Kubernetes developer tools, organising development teams, multi-cloud adoption and more this week. A good mix of technical and wider topics too. Enjoy.

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A nice write up of a development team reorganising based on adopting team topologies approaches.

An argument for not getting carried away with incident categorisation.

A useful post on adopting sigstore incrementally for artifact signing if you’re already signing your packages.

A post on using Java for Lambda applications, correcting a few misconceptions and discussing throughout vs cold start.

It’s easy with the adoption of cloud to forget about the physical machines under the hood, but those computers are a lot more powerful than 15 years ago. This post talks about when you should consider the underlying hardware, and discusses some of the perils of distributed systems.

Hashicorps state of the cloud research contains lots of real-world data on cloud adoption, in particular on the reality of multi-cloud and cloud automation.

Organisations have become much more confident with running databases on Kubernetes. This post walks through how to deploy PostgreSQL.


Acorn is a new application development framework for Kubernetes. It’s focused on the packaging of applications, with a UX inspired by Docker.

Karmem is a fast binary serialization format that’s designed for web assembly use cases, but useful elsewhere too.