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Two posts this week on large scale CI systems, and the interesting engineering around them. Also a great post on building trust in complex systems, a new Lua-derived embeddable language and some good observability links too.

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All of our quality testing has been automated in CI/CD. So why hasn’t security? Learn what keeps security from shifting left:


An excellent post on the subtleties of building trust in systems, including the technical systems and the people that make complex software work.

Another great post, this one on a long term effort to reduce the cost and improve the developer experience of a large, and growing, CI infrastructure.

A new programming language based on Lua! Luau is described as a fast, small, safe, gradually typed embeddable scripting language. Lots of use cases for this, I hope it attracts an active community.

CI systems are so key to modern software development that some companies develop their own custom solutions. Not something most folks should do, but an interesting post from one team that took the custom approach.

A handy list of observability themed talks from the recent KubeCon event. Compiled by https://monitoring.love.

Nginx was always one of my favourite bits of software to manage. This post looks into how to monitor it and provides an overview of various mainly SaaS solutions that can help, written by one of those SaaS providers.

A post introducing the monitoring golden signals (latency, traffic, errors and saturation) from first principles.


A useful public GitHub template for bootstrapping an AWS EKS cluster using Terraform. Good accompanying blog post as well about the usefulness of such boilerplate templates.