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Seeing all of the tweets from KubeCon this week really made me miss seeing everyone in person. Devops to me has been all about the community, and while that still exists in virtual form, it’s always been one of my favourite things to meet up with, and talk to, people in this community in real life..

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If you are working with GraphQL APIs, how do you make sure they are secure? See how to keep your GraphQL app on lock in this guide:


A good post introducing custom validation in Terraform, and why failing early is so important with any cloud automation.

Not everyone has found devops practices easy to adopt or scale, and there are often tensions within operations teams. This post summarises some of those quite well, even if I don’t believe those issues are inevitable.

An interesting thought experiment considering how various large scale incidents with the gigantic AWS us-east-1 region would be handled.

A look under the hood of distribution software packaging, looking at the far reaching implications and challenges of upgrading OpenSSL to the latest version. Good insight into the tension between centralised distributions and distributed development.

A solid argument that if you’re building a Terraform module you should strive to make it opinionated. Focus on use cases rather than on monolithic modules just around a particular piece of software.

Another post on Terraform modules, this one focused on patterns you can adopt to build useful, maintainable modules.

Observations from an updated study on container adoption within one (large) ecosystem. Growing adopting of auto-scaling and stateful workloads, adoption of containerd and fargate, popular images and more.

An interesting interview with one of the founders of Kubernetes, covering some of the original philosophy of the project and other observations about software development.


A very interesting new user interface for Kubernetes, Kui, mixes the best of CLI and GUI tools. It’s also a framework for building similar tools, so it will be interesting to see if integrations emerge here.

Panther is an event consolidation and management application that centralizes and manages events from IT systems, networks and applications in a single console.

age is a simple, modern and secure file encryption tool, format, and Go library. It features small explicit keys, no config options, and UNIX-style composability.

Kdigger is a new context discovery tool for Kubernetes, intended for discovery when conducting a penetration test. Nice documentation explaining what and why.