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Lots of configuration management posts this week, on Terraform, gitops and SQL, plus lots of interesting new tools.

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An interesting post discussing some of the edges of Terraform if you use it for cloud, Kubernetes and other resources using the same state.

A post positing using SQL as the interface for cloud infrastructure. Some interesting ideas about a familiar interface and existing tooling.

A discussion of the role of SREs in enabling true self service platforms and empowering developers.

The start of a series on API design, based around gRPC. The first post focused specifically on using Protobuf FieldMask.

Another post on configuration management, focused on applying gitops practices with some good examples up to applying this approach to a multi-cluster federated service mesh setup.

A deep dive into Kubernetes ingress, with helpful diagrams showing how things work.


Kim, or Kubernetes Image Manager, provides the classic Docker build, pull, push interface with the build infrastructure deployed to Kubernetes.


Kubernetes is often described as a platform for building platforms. Kratix describes itself as a framework for delivering that platform, bring conventions and tools to something lots of organisations hand roll today.

If you’ve been following this newsletter, you’ll know eBPF is powerful, but we’re only just starting to see use cases. BMC Cache is an in-kernel cache for memcached that claims to improve throughput by up to 18x.

KinK is a CLI that helps you manage KinD clusters as Kubernetes pods. Designed to ease standing up clusters for fast testing.